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Active Agent for Outlook also helps you with some of the other every day tasks that typically fall between the cracks and do not get done.

Some of the other features of Active Agent for Outlook that at first glance may be overlooked can in fact add considerable benefit to your business. Follow the links below to learn more about some of these other tools..

Goals Setting and Management
Mortgage Calculator that integrates with eMail
Extended easy to use search
Mass Update


We all know that to be most effective we need to have Goals; however, rarely do we make the time to set those goals. So why not let Active Agent for Outlook crunch the numbers for you and help you define and manage to your goals.

Just input the specifics about your business (all the yellow boxes below) and we will calculate the contacts you need to make on a weekly and monthly basic and then add them to your task list as a recurring weekly task! As you begin to exceed your goals, just go back into this module and update your assumptions and your new goals will be added to the task on your task list noting that the goals were updated. Never has goal setting been this easy!


Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the amortization schedule for any loan amount, term and rate; nothing special there right? But now what if with a single click of your mouse you could email all of that information to your client? Well with the Active Agent for Outlook's Mortgage Calculator you can do just that, calculate your loan schedule and then email it to your client.



Quick Search

While it is easy to search for a contact by their name it is much less straight forward to find a contact based upon the spouse name, email, job title, etc. Because of that we created an extended easy to use search that is accessed directly off of the Acitve Agent for Outlook toolbar. On this search you can look for a contact based upon:
• Name
Spouse Name,
Job Title

And, to make it even more flexible we have added the option to seach based upon any of the criteria matching or all the criteria matching. What this will allow you to do is search for a client that in the notes you entered something about golf and their spouse's name is Jill.


Mass Update

Have you ever wanted to add a block of people to a category in Outlook, if you have I am sure you know that it is a tedious process of opening each individual contact and adding them to the category. What if you could add all of these contacts to a category with a single mouse click, well with Active Agent for Outlook you can, just open the mass update and append a category!

The mass update feature of Active Agent for Outlook allows you to mass update the following fields:
• Categories,
Contact Type,
Contact Status,
Contact Source,
Preferred Contact.

You can select the contact you want to update by simply highlighting them in the list or using the contact selector and use any of the selection criteria to select them.


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