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Gary David Hall's Transaction Management Activity Plans & Letters

Monday, December 26, 2016
Gary David Hall's Transaction Management Activity Plans & Letters


Sonoma Enterprises and RE-ACT announces the release of a set of Transaction Management Activity Plans and Letters for Active Agent for Outlook. Theses plans include 8 activity plans, and 26 associated letters, for taking a listing, or selling a property, and taking it to closing. The plans include Listing, Price Adjustment, Seller from Contract & Closing Date, Buyer from Contract & Closing Date, and both Sides from Contract and Closing Date. All of the letters are written from both a single agent's perspective as well as a teams perspective.

Active Agent for Outlook is one of the leading Outlook based contact management and campaign management tools for the Real Estate market. "We are committed to delivering the best solutions for Real Estate Contact and Campaign Management", said Jack Bretcher, CEO of Sonoma Enterprises. "One way that we will continue to improve the breadth of our product is by find high quality partners such as Gary Hall and integrating their solutions with our platform."

According to Gary David Hall, "I've taught thousands of agents around the country how to create 'Activity Plans/Campaigns'. VERY few of them have ever made the time to sit down and create the activity plans that will help them organize their business, and/or keep an assistant organized with what they need to do. Having an automated to-do list for your transactions reduces your stress level more than you can believe. I used them as an agent doing about 50 transactions a year, so I speak from personal experience. This package is a compilation of the plans & letters I developed when I was an agent, and then since, working one-on-one with top agents around the country to create their own."

As Gary Rekstad, a customer of the plans states, "Personally, I think your letters are extremely well crafted, and, as I mentioned above, they cover situations we run into every day in the real world. Having spent a couple hours making sure Florida market idiosyncrasies are covered, I appreciate all the more the tremendous amount of work that went into this effort. You are truly amazing!"