Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:56 PM Quote
The property/transaction records when saved are stored in the same folder as your contact the property is linked to.  Because of this you may see entries in your contact folder with nothing more than a 'follow-up flag'. 

There are two things you can do to clean up the view:

 Filter the properties out of the view:
  1. Select the View menu, then Arrange By - Current View - Customize Current view
  2. Select the filter button
  3. On the filter window select the advanced tab
  4. In the box below the Field button (see below)  type Message Class, in the condition drop down select contains and in the value enter contact; then click Add to List
  5. Click OK and then OK
This will filter the address card view to show only contacts.
 Add descriptive info to the view for the property:
  1. Select customize current view (either under view-current view-arrange by or view-arrange by, depending on the version of Outlook)
  2. Click on fields and look in the user defined fields for the field Location Address, if you cannot find it add it as a new field
  3. Add "Location Address" to the list of fields
This will add the Location Address to the view for you.