Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:47 PM Quote

The sharing is typically done via an Exchange mail server.  Exchange is typically an option that is offered by your mail hosting provider (vs. the standard POP3). 

The easiest way to describe Exchange is that is takes all your folders in Outlook and stores them both local on your computer as well as maintains a copy on the server.  What this allows you to do is access those folders from multiple computers as well as share your folders with other people in your organization. 
Exchange will sync all of the data in the folder list with a server as well as allow you to share any of the folders with one another (assuming you all have different mailboxes/email addresses). 

If your current mail host does not provide an Exchange option you can take a look at:

With respect to licensing our license allows a single person to install it on several computers, however an additional user is an additional charge.  We charge $299 for the primary agent then they can add additional user licenses for $99 each.