Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:29 PM Quote
To add AAO's contactType, ContactSource or PreferredContact fields to a view do the following:

Since these fields are “Keyword” fields they can only be grouped on the view, not sorted.  See below for instructions.

1.  Go into your view and select customize current view.

2.  Then, the Field button to add it to the view if it is not already there. And select the user defined fields from the highlighted dropdown below.

3.  If the field is not in the list of available fields, then you will need to add it.  To do this click New Field and fill it out as shown below, and then add it and click OK
  Name: enter the field name (contactType, ContactSource or PreferredContact)

  Type: Keywords

4.  Then click the group by button.

5.  Then,  select User-defined fields from the drop down at the bottom and then select the field (contactType, ContactSource or PreferredContact) from the first group by item.

6.  Click Ok and then Apply view